This is a project that I have been working on for several years.  I started doing parodies after viewing parodies done by Rene Magritte of David’s Madame Recamier and Manet’s The Balcony.  I have painted parodies of works by Magritte, Hopper, Manet, Dali, Degas, and Bruegel.

This Exhibition includes parodies, pears, carrots in surreal settings and other surrealist style paintings.  It has whimsy and wit, as well as historical significance as shown in the parodies.


June 6 – June 27, 2020| GROUP SHOW: “BLOOM”

Bloom is a group show that celebrates an awakening of humanity and nature. 

Flowers have instilled in us great meaning and symbols. In turn, we cultivate flowers to help convey our deepest emotions, signal change, and celebrate life stages.
Humans and flowers are stimulated by one another, reacting to each other to learn and grow.

Katherine Parfet  •  Gail Bokor  •  Randy Akers
Nicolas Gheur    Élodie Richard  •  David David Figueroa
Ev Niewoehner  •  Julie Latayan  •  Robert Shirk
Tim Ludwig  •  Joaquin Restrepo  •  William Nager
Mike Nelson  •  Suzanne Frank

Bloom Exhibition
Julie Latayna

Feb 4 – Feb 24, 2020 | GROUP SHOW: “RED”

Randy Akers (USA) – Gail Bokor (USA) – Mateo Blanco (Columbia) – David David Figueroa (Puerto Rico) – Nicolas Gheur (Belgium) – Kim Hover (USA)- Ev Niewoehner (USA) – Katherine Parfet (USA) – Elodie M. Richard (France)

“A thimble full of red is redder than a bucketful.” –Henri Matisse

Since the cave paintings of Lascaux, the color RED has played a starring role in the story of art history. Through the centuries, it has conjured emotions such as love, lust and rage, and served as a symbol of wealth, war, revolution and religious sacrifice. RED is one of the most powerful tools in an artists’ arsenal. Its presence ensures bold visual impact and guarantees our immediate attention. RED can be used to draw the viewer closer emotionally in a way that enhances and emphasizes their reaction to the art. Embrace the powerful energy that RED conveys with our collection of inspirational art created by our national and international artists.

february red show


“My work has evolved from realism into abstraction and non-objective work. In A Visual Symphony, I compare my work to just that – a symphony – not in sound, but in sight. Many people don’t understand this way of painting, and I find that by comparing non-objective art to a symphony, puts this analogy into a clearer understanding.” A Visual Symphony includes non-objective as well as abstracted paintings. Some will have definite images, and passages that you will be able to identify. In others, you will see something not necessarily intended, but this is the magic of non-objective Art. I hope that you will enjoy the intuitive shapes, colors, lines, marks and collages, and perhaps even deduce some secret meanings. Come out for a stroll!


Gail Bokor Artist
Gail Bokor Artwork
Gail Bokor Artist 2


“It is not fair that nature can dictate how we live our lives.”

That was a comment I heard some years ago. It disturbed me to think that some people can be so arrogant and so clueless as to the importance of all life and their right to be here. We live in an extraordinary world with so much life and diversity, and I hope that future generations will be able to continue to share this beautiful planet we ALL call home. As John Lennon said..I’m not the only one.


Nicolas Gheur portrait
Portrait of Nickolas Gheur
Nicolas Gheur:Non GMO. Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 36”
Non GMO. Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 36”
Nicolas Gheur: Nautilus. Acrylic, Venetian plaster on wood panel. 36” x 30”
Nautilus. Acrylic, Venetian plaster on wood panel. 36” x 30”

August 3 – 30, 2019: URSULA SCHWARTZ | Paintings

Originally from South Africa, Ursula Schwartz derived her talent from a dynamic pursuit of harmony with the forces of nature.

Her connection with human and natural complexities have inspired a balanced application of design, color and intrigue. Ursula’s African roots enable her to cross the boundaries of genres to create a captivating fusion of abstract expressionism and the ethereal. Working mainly in oils, and often adding mixed media to enhance her personal abstract language, her art is rich with texture, dimension and an adventurous color palette with expressive linear techniques.

“I am passionate about my work. To me, words simply are not enough to express my opinions, thoughts and beliefs; therefore, I paint. The variations I use in finishes, surfaces, and textures add dimension and detail to the canvas while emphasizing my creative process through visual language. Art, at its most authentic core, is the alchemical expression of a magical life journey. It has the ability to transform space, create emotion and infuse energy. As I personally evolve, so do my creative energies and direction – encouraging exploration of multiple mediums with expressions of passion, empowerment and vulnerability.”


Ursula Schwartz, "Torsos," 2019
Ursula Schwartz, "Truth," 2019. Oil on canvas.
Artist, Ursula Schwartz
Artist, Ursula Schwartz
Ursula Schwartz, "Wake to Silence," oil on canvas, 2019
Ursula Schwartz, "Wake to Silence," 2019. Oil on canvas

July 6 THROUGH July 27, 2019: RENE GRIFFITH | Lasting Memories: Florida Revisited

Growing up in rural Florida’s central east coast, painter and photographer Rene Griffith remembers the simple life she experienced.

Her love of classic cars was born as she and her 7 siblings worked their dad’s gas station after school. Sunday drives past the many “mom and pop” motels that dotted the beaches and visits to the ocean to play on the sand and coquina ledges left pleasing and lasting impressions of her beach community and fostered her love for all things outdoors.

During these early times Rene also developed an interest in photography and in using watercolor paints as she fondly watched her seamstress mother create tasteful and unique fashions that were different from those found in the local clothing store, inspiring Rene to explore her own personal creativity. She has used these memories to create many of the mixed media artworks featured in this show. Rene currently works from her home studio in Indialantic, Florida.


Rene Griffith
Installation at Jane's Art center
Scenic Miami Beach, Island Life #133 at Janes
"Scenic Miami Beach," acrylic on canvas 12 x 12 x 2 inches

June 1 THROUGH June 30, 2019: WILLIAM A. GURA | Life in Line

William Gura is a Navy veteran who retired in 1996 after 20 years of service. Injuries sustained in the service left him a disabled veteran. He decided to take the opportunity to return to the creative work he loves.

Artist William Gura
Artist William Gura
William gura: “Is it gonna rain?," pencil on paper, 20” x 23”
“Is it gonna rain?," pencil on paper, 20” x 23”
William Gura exhibition at Janes Art Center 2019
Featured Artist Solo Exhibition 2019

May 6 THROUGH May 27, 2019: ELODIE M. RICHARD | Lucky

Elodie M. Richard is a semi-abstract artist working with a family of archetypes inspired from life, mythology and symbols that fuse with her own memories. The connection between artistic elements, technique, analysis and the notion of roots creates an original vision.


Elodie Richard at Janes Art Center
Elodie M. Richard 2019
Elodie Richard at Janes Art Center
Solo exhibition, "Lucky," 2019
"The Card Players" 60x48, acrylic on canvas