Cindy Yeats

Cindy Yeats has been studying art and history her entire life. After attending art school, she became interested in the design and creation of fine jewelry. In the 1980’s, Yeats studied jewelry repair, diamond setting, wax model carving and lost wax casting under Jim Stewart in South Florida. Cindy has been a bench jeweler for almost 40 years, owning and operating a jewelry store for part of that time. Cindy Yeats specializes in custom design, and has a degree in Graphics often combining the two in her work.

People often ask me why I use eyes in some of my pieces. I did a commission years ago using a prosthetic eye, and I had a real emotional response to seeing such a realistic eye looking out of a piece of gold jewelry. I started searching for other eyes to use. It took me years to find what I needed. I love the “expression” and personality that can be captured this way. These vintage handblown glass eye prosthetic fragments were salvaged from a glass factory in Germany.