Don Davis

Don Davis got his start in clay when he was six at the Jacksonville Children’s Museum and then in oil painting with his mother in Italy when he was eight. As the son of a naval officer traveling and living in various places in the world, Davis developed a lifelong passion for art and cultural history.

Don Davis is a native Floridian, recently returned home with his family to live and set up a studio in Flagler Beach. While his work is always inspired by the forms and spirit of ancient ceramic cultural history, since moving to Flagler Beach it has grown in a new way becoming his own contemporary expression of this place. Believing that total involvement is important, Davis makes all of his pieces by hand, concocts his own stains and glazes, and fires his own kiln. The work that you see, whether sculptural or utilitarian, is the result of much research, practice, and testing.

“My ongoing dedication to clay work springs from an enduring love for the material and the processes of forming and firing it. I cannot think of anything better to do.”