Elodie M. Richard

Elodie M. Richard is an enigmatic artist associated with female Surrealists. Contemporary Surrealism aims at expressing imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control. Her art focuses on questioning the notion of identity.The artist’s intuitive expression turns an artistic vision quite dissociated with reality, into a deeply personal exploration of human emotion, personal trauma, the female subconscious, all through a lens of fantasy. In her work, vulnerability is restored with power and subjectivity. Surrealism allows her to express her subconscious freely.


“There is a place where people from different backgrounds come and gather together. This is the collective subconscious memory. By telling my own personal story, connecting with my deep self, I am trying to put my characters, experiences or places I have been through into a common perspective. What makes us vulnerable, what makes us human? We live in a modern world that alienates itself from vulnerability. I use collective elements of symbolism to reach this understanding. I have been told that each of my paintings is a journey. If I have somehow managed to take the viewer on an inner journey to be more authentic and real, then my subliminal world is worth being expressed.”