Elodie M. Richard

Elodie M. Richard is a semi-abstract artist working with a family of archetypes inspired from life, mythology and symbols that fuse with her own memories. The connection between artistic elements, technique, analysis and the notion of roots creates an original vision.

The artist was born in the Alps of Grenoble, France. Due to her father’s career, her family left her native mountains to regularly move and adapt to new locations in France and abroad. She holds a strong memory of Germany and, at the age of 14, her own experience of the historic Fall of Berlin Wall in 1989. Since an early age Elodie showed a profound interest in the arts building a background in Fine Art, Art History and Archaeology at the Louvre School in Paris. Concurrently, she worked on archaeology digs at the European Research Centre in Mont Beuvray (Burgundy, France).  Later on, the artist pursued travel and artistic experiences in New Zealand, Australia, Scotland and Poland.