Judith Greavu

Judith Greavu: A Florida childhood shaped the artist’s brain through exploring life forms in the Atlantic Ocean, the Halifax River, Ocala Forest Springs and rural areas west of Holly Hill, Florida. Observing and playing with sea creatures, insects and plants built a vocabulary of forms, movements and textures that still dominates the artist’s sculptures. The imagery is frequently abstracted, combining a variety of movements and forms. For inspiration, the artist has continued to seek out water environments from Ohio ponds and rivers to tide pools of coastal Ireland.

A residency in the Florida Everglades led to a side trip exploration of Florida Reefs and the development of a large scale installation featuring 3-D and 2-D images of dozens of reef creatures. Most recently there has been a return to the Florida childhood haunts with a series referencing Florida Springs of the Ocala Forest. The sculptures are cast bronze, sometimes with the inclusion of fused glass. The lost wax process of bronze casting allows for extensive explorations of textures which are enhanced when the final bronze is given a patina and selectively polished. The fused glass has been used to imply water.