HOPE AMPLIFIED - Captured Moments of Beauty in Ordinary Life


  Saturday, August 1, 10am – 5pm

On display July 28, 2020 thru August 29, 2020

We can take for granted the familiar. Our routines can put us on autopilot, blind to what’s around us. We live in a world surrounded by brokenness. All around is destruction, decay, hatred, natural and man-made disasters. The brokenness is loud, crying for our attention and often overwhelming.

Yet I believe beauty can be found anywhere. Sometimes it whispers, and other times shouts. We may be more aware of it when we are on vacation, a new place, unfamiliar, full of possibilities. But it is not limited to that once in a lifetime vacation paradise. It can be out your back door, on your drive to work, in the face of your child. Trees that have weathered decades of storms, a friendship, a sunset, a building standing tall, dappled shadows on the pavement. My paintings are an effort to see with new eyes the beauty all around us, that we miss. Because where there is beauty there is hope.

My paintings start with photographs. Going to a location, taking the time to explore, walk around, finding interesting details and perspectives, and taking lots of pictures. Waking up early to catch a sunrise, or stepping outside while the sun is setting. Sometimes I’ll return to the location to acquire different shots and make new discoveries. After collecting and marking my favorites I sketch out the scenes. I might make alterations to scenes, increasing the vibrancy of colors, changing the composition to capture and amplify the beauty of that moment.

Heather Nagy is an accomplished fine artist residing in Orlando, Fl. Originally from Michigan, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University. Heather spent a year in Asia before moving to Central Florida in 2000. She has
since been presenting her work at numerous galleries, festivals and art shows in Florida.

Over the years she has tried numerous mediums, working with oil pastels, mixed media, wax, acrylic and more. Acrylic landscapes and city scenes have become her staple. Heather seeks to find beauty whether she’s on a dream vacation or walking around the neighborhood. She aims to create pieces that combine a loose realism with vibrant impressionism. She highlights moments of amplified beauty that give us hope.

In addition to painting Heather enjoys exploring new places, hiking, biking, and spending time with family and friends.

Find out more and view Heather’s work at Heather-Nagy.pixels.com.