Nancy Green

Nancy Green works with stoneware clay and primarily focuses on making utilitarian ware for the table and kitchen, and for flower arrangements. Her work is mostly treadle wheel thrown, and then modified with hand-built components consisting of textured slabs. Surface treatments consist of natural ash or soda, or applied slips and glazes. Pieces are fired in either a soda or wood kiln.

Artist Statement

Although I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio, as a child I spent every possible moment in the country exploring the woods and playing in creeks. The earthy tones and minimalism of my functional pots reflect the nature that surrounded me as a child. I gravitate towards a pot that is casual, quiet, and appears to have grown right out of the spot it sits. My aesthetic falls into a minimalist category, less is more for me. I am drawn to and hope to create pots that have an organic and natural quality to them. These are the pots that pull me in. Their irregularities give these pots a personality not unlike our own physical presence. I juxtapose minimalism, simple clean lines, designs that are unadorned but have a strong presence with aspects that are loose, organic, and casual.