Joaquin Restrepo

Joaquin Restrepo was born to a cultured family with both Spanish and Jewish roots, in 1984. Restrepo is especially known for his public sculptures, which evoke a sense of awe while addressing universal and timeless themes. An early interest in art and art history, combined with studies in music, goldsmithing and jewelry-making helped Restrepo move towards his mature vocation. His work has been exhibited in several museums and galleries in China, Mexico, Colombia and the US.

Artist Statement

My work is meant to share my sense of wonder. I hold the conviction that wonder is an essential ingredient in art. My hope is to change the world by reminding others of beauty, and the ways that it can be shared. It is a personal quest that positions me as a kind of “old soul” who attempts to see beyond the ephemeral into the universal. In my search for timelessness — for images and associations that transcend history and place — I bypass the signs of our time, and look past the particularities of culture.