Richard began working in metal in 1969 as an assistant to metal sculptor, Malcom Moran, in Carmel, CA. He later went on to graduate from the University of California and became a teacher. He recently retired from teaching in public schools to devote more time to his art and teaching workshops. Although mostly self-taught in jewelry making, Richard has studied with Keith LoBue, Susan Lenart-Kazmer, Robert Dancik and Charles Lewton-Brain, all of whom have been long-term mentors and friends. He considers himself not so much a jeweler but rather a ‘maker of wearable art’. His interests include digital art, mixed media collage/assemblage, sculpture and jewelry.

Richard approaches creating art as one big problem solving activity. There are problems with materials, designs, execution, and of course, marketing! Overcoming these challenges are part of the journey/reward process which makes each piece unique and memorable. Richard’s work has been featured in ‘Belle Armoire Jewelry’, ‘Art Jewelry’ and ‘Jewelry Artist’ magazines. Other published work can be seen in Susan Lenart-Kazmer’s book ‘Making Connections’, ‘Steel Wire Jewelry’ by Brenda Schweder, ‘Steampunk Style Jewelry’ by Jean Campbell and ‘Metal Style’ by Karen Dougherty. Richard and his wife, Jane, reside in Rio Vista, CA.